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Key Technology Manufacturing Areas (KTMA)


Initiative focuses on the challenges for manufacturing high volume, low cost Terabit-scale photonic interconnectivity technology for advanced high performance embedded computing and data centers.

Initially focus is on ultra-high-speed, high quality multi-wavelength communications links exceeding TB/s bandwidth densities; and multi-port (high-radix) spatial and wavelength selective, nanosecond-scale reconfigurable switches.

RF Analog  Applications

Initiative objective is to develop manufacturing technologies specifically targeted for producing high volume chip-scale microwave photonics for demanding applications requiring very high optical performance fidelity.  The driving goal is to address the critical challenges for the mass manufacture capable integration of high-dynamic range ultra-low loss broadband PICs and microwave frequency electronic ICs for unprecedented analog RF transmission communication performance.

PIC Sensors

Initiative addresses the manufacturing challenges of chemical and biochemical sensors realized in glass/silicon materials, and demonstrates how the proposed solutions can facilitate high-volume production of embedded sensors connecting to or integrated with mobile platforms. Goals include development and demonstration of manufacturing methods enabling dramatic miniaturization of sensor systems based on  glass/silicon integrated photonics and novel engineered glass surfaces

PIC Array Technologies

Initiative addresses the manufacturing challenges associated with PIC Phased Arrays. The primary focus of this effort will be on chi based LIDAR. Phased arrays enable high-speed steered projection and imaging without moving parts. Applications extend to Light Distance and And Ranging (LIDAR); Biomedical Imaging; Free-Space Communications; and Display Technologies.

Manufacturing Innovation Centers of Excellence (MCE)

EPDA  Electronic Photonic Design Automation

Development of a set of integrated design tools for photonic and combined electronic-photonic components.

Features: Models for Si and InP devices; Integrated electronic-photonic design environment; Design tools/PDK; and intellectual Property protection.

MPWA Multip Project Wafer / Assembly

Provision of full MPWA services including Foundry Broker and Foundry Operations for both Si and InP based photonic devices & components

Features: Availability of in-house 300 mmm Si and InP fabrication faciliites; III-V laser integration; Interposer 2.5D/3D integration; and Integrated inline and optical test

ICT Inline Control & Test

Robust optical testing for photonics applications using inline and stand-alone approaches.

Features: High-throughput, high-functionality wafer-scale optical probe test; on wafer photonic test cells for process control; and Multi-channel I/O fiber array test interfaces.

TAP Test, Assembly & Optical Packaging

Development of standardized advanced automated, no-touch and accessible processes for PIC test, assembly & optical packaging. Features” Suite of 2D, 2.5D and 3D automated optical element align on interposer, fiber/WG attach, and pick and place capabilities; Sub micron 3D inspection tools; and In-house prototype photonics optical packaging center.